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Azizah Solutions

Azizah Solutions is a web development company. Azizah Solutions is a registered Sole Proprietorship run primarily by Haaron Ismail Jones. We focus on web development and we also offer application architecture consulting and office automation services. We can do stand-alone contracts as well as 1099 and W-2 types of arrangements.

Ismail began computers as a child and formulated a profession during his education. We started our business as a family in 1999. Some of our major clients include Booz Allen Hamilton, Disney, and Credit Bank Europe. Proven technologies include JavaScript, Java, .Net, C/C++, and SQL Server.

We are seeking to grow our business by delivering unmatched quality and service. Our contacts are growing throughout the U.S., Europe, and Morocco. Faith and positivity are our driving factors. We have no doubt that we can be of benefit to you.

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